Three Reasons I Love Running


Why Do I Love Running?

Very simply because it has transformed my life.

You know, I could see myself at a seminar asking people to buy my new life-changing pill. But this pill is free. Let me tell you why I love running.

1. Fitness

I know they say that running is not the best way to get in shape. It’s all about the cross-fit these days. Well, here’s basically the deal. The exercise that you actually DO, is the best exercise. I started this thing to get back in shape, but I realized one day that I was looking forward to it. Wow. At least, for me, that’s a wow.

2. Progress

The ground is a conveyor belt and I am the jar of jelly. I am going places when I run… not real fast, but I beat the “me” who is on the couch every time. Sometimes in life, you can feel kind of stuck. Ask just about anyone who takes the time to exercise and they will likely tell you that they have more time to do the other stuff somehow. Each run is a check mark on the calendar, a step in the journey.

3. It Captures Me

I thought that running would give me a sense of freedom above all else. It can be freeing, but in my case it has done the opposite. Most of my life, I have suffered from what many would call A.D.D. What the mocker hoped to use to discourage me, God made it for my benefit (and His). My creative mind tends to wander… A LOT. Not so when I run. It’s like I have grabbed up myself and I won’t let go. I think, I dream, I pray when I run.

Writing is the thing that frees me. I need both.

What captures you?

What frees you? Have you ever seen something as unnecessary or mundane, but fell in love with it later? What is it?

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