Lafayette Heritage Park, Tallahassee – South Loop


I’m calling this the South Loop because there is a whole bunch more to show of Lafayette to Heritage Park. I can connect to other parks via a great little system of trails here in Tallahassee.

But I just shot this little video of a spider and of the trail to give you a sense of the nature here.

I usually start out with what I’m calling the South Loop. There is a large lake here where a lot of people come to fish. There are some man-made structures if you will which are making it easy for people to come and fish. They call them fishing fingers. I had never heard of such a thing. They’re like docs made out of dirt essentially. I have never fished here but I see people doing that daily.

Most notably I watched a small boy, probably 5 years old, pull out a bass that weighed probably about 5 lb. And this young boy was so thrilled He was just shouting and jumping up and down in joy.

The park is popular, I would say. But not crazy popular. However, during the covid 19 thing, many more people have been coming to Lafayette Heritage Park to get outside.

Our organization had a 14-day stay-at-home policy to flatten the curve. I went to Lafayette Heritage every single day. I just went earlier than I do now. This is my after work wind down activity. I usually run the South Loop and then connect with the path that goes around the lake, and by the time I get back to my car I will have run a little bit over 3 mi. on days that I want to stretch that out I either go twice around the lake, or I connect with the northern Trail.

When I get super inspired I veer off and connect with another park which has a vast amount of trails as well. I can’t remember the name of that park right now. I don’t really go there and see a sign. If I drove there I would likely see the sign that’s at the entrance. But I’m the sneaky trail runner who gets there from the back door.

In the video I show the jet black spider that crawled across the trail as I was running. I had to turn around and shoot video of that little guy. I found him a bit interesting. Slightly larger than most spiders that I see. But smaller than a tarantula. He kind of looks menacing to me. Frankly, I expected him to walk away instead of letting me get that close to him. Remember with a cell phone you just don’t have the ability to zoom in so much. So I was pretty much right on his face there.

Do you have a home court? Where do you go when you need to get outside and get fresh air? Have you been able to exercise outdoors during the Covid scare?

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