Weekend Is About Family


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Grab these moments while we can.

I like to run in the dirt.

But Saturday and Sunday are my days to run with my sweeties. Of course they are more the rollerblading and hoverboarding type.

So my favorite place to run on the weekends is wherever they run or rollerblade.

Tom Brown Park is our home court. They have a wide paved trail with lots of shady canopy. Sometimes we loop around and go on the sidewalk around the fire station and jump back onto the loop. This weekend we did what I call the east side went to the playground which is an ancient artifact now. And the lake where we saw turtles balancing on Cypress knees. How in the world do they do that? And we got a good handful of wild grapes. And they were good.

Every run with my daughters is precious time to grab a hold of.

One day they will be out of the house, and I will be running the trails by myself. But for now I got my coaches. They move me along we have great conversations while we’re exercising. I love them love them love them. But the other thing is I like them. They’re my favorite people.

Do you love the outdoors with family?

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