Visit The Oklahoma City Zoo


I’m a zoo fan. Where else can you get so close to so many animals? So, when we took a trip to Oklahoma City, how could we avoid a trip to the zoo?

Masked People and Critters

People were required to wear masks, but only indoors. And no, there were no masks on the animals. Except for an interesting type of wolf that looked like a raccoon. I mean this guy could be a body double on the next guardian of the galaxies movie.

A Great Walk

My watch let me know that I had wal ked about 7.5 mi on this adventure. So, there was my exercise for the day. This wonderful fact made it easy for me to take a little trip to braum’s afterwards for a little frozen yogurt treat. Braums was like our whipped cream and cherry on top of a wonderful day.

Appointment With Density

The zoo has a policy of appointment only visits. This is part of the whole Covid measures that are being taken in hopes to keep people safe, as well as keep the doors open.

Show Me The Monkey

Here are a few pics of the beautiful creatures we encountered at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

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