Wacissa Springs Canoeing


Do you like to canoe? If so where is the closest location to you?

Wacissa springs is just a few minutes away. Not only is it the closest place to go canoeing, it’s also the closest swimming hole.

Floridahikes.com calls it “one of a vanishing breed of old-time swimming holes.”

This was just a quick Sunday afternoon canoe jaunt. We had fun swinging off the rope swing. Saw some beautiful fish and birds. We often see alligators hanging around. But we did not spot any this time. I think that’s good for the little one.

It’s hard to compete with the Florida beaches, but the Florida Springs are apart of this state that get me excited. I have always loved the crystal clear water. I’m kind of a fan of being able to see what’s in there. Don’t like diving into murky muddy water so much.

If you haven’t been down Alexander Springs run, or juniper Springs run, you need to give it a shot. The Florida Springs are my favorite places to go canoeing. And you get to throw in a hefty dose of snorkeling as well.

And hey, you might end up seeing a manatee or two. That’s always worth throwing the canoe on top of the minivan.

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