18 Important Life Lessons I Learned From Running – Most Have Little To Do With Running


I have always been able to run, praise Yah! But I don’t think I ever really enjoyed it until recent years.

Necessary Steps

I always saw it as necessary for whatever sport I was involved with. I need to get to base quickly after that sorry excuse for a hit. I need to get to that ball before that big dude gets there. I need to get past these guys before that one over there tackles me and makes grass another food group.

A couple years ago, I must have run through a portal of some sort. I found myself looking forward (I know how that sounds) to a daily run. 

  • Every shoe was graded on how “runnable” it was, even if it was a work shoe.
  • I actually started reading about running. Why not? Why, actually?

Find Yourself

Man, I saw a bunch of movies in the eighties about going out there and finding one’s self. Vision Quest, Razor’s Edge, Weekend At Bernie’s. I had friends who went on journeys across the country or to the Jiffy Store in search of the real “me.”

Well, I never knew anyone who came back having found their-self. 

I love this version of the Keith Green Song “Run To The End Of The Highway.”

I Found More of God – That’s Where I Found Me

Out there on the trail, with squirrels jumping around, I started to hear from God… And I tell you, it just kept coming, the words of revelation. I really started to face things that I had run from (how ironic) for 30+ years. 

What have I learned from running. And most have little to do with running?

I could go on and on but I would rather be running, so here is a simple list. I can elaborate later, but I just need to get these out here before I chicken out. 

  1. I am gifted with what most call A.D.D.
  2. I grew up in a family that was rocked by substance abuse.
  3. I was drugged and abused one time, as a teenager. Never talked about it.
  4. I can run a half-marathon.
  5. I can run almost daily and still not achieve my ideal weight. It will take more strategy than that.
  6. I made many self-destructive choices while pretending to be in control.
  7. I like running because God wants me to run. 
  8. My Father-God loves me beyond my understanding.
  9. Plantar Faciitis possibly saved my life.
  10. I now know how to eat.
  11. Deer get used to the sound of my voice after a while. 
  12. I don’t ever want to stop running, even though I already know I will slow down. 
  13. I know what causes migraines for me, and how to keep them away, for the most part.
  14. I am 500% more confident.
  15. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  16. I have much more inspiration coming. To be continued.
  17. Trees are good for my mental health.
  18. God has given me keys to unlock doors.


A real enhancer for the running cure, for me, is the addition of trails as the setting. I love nature. I always have. Running outdoors, in the forest, makes outdoors a real thing for me, and not just a screen saver. 

Quid Pro Go

If you make the time to go outdoors. If you treat it as you would a doctor’s appointment, you can gain tremendous benefits from your exercise. The gains can far outweigh the downsides of weather and sweat. 

You might want to consider getting on the trail and stepping it up a little. You might be surprised. I feel like I must give a disclaimer here: results vary, and blah blah, see your doctor before you….

Do you enjoy exercise, to the point that you joyfully embark on each session?

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