Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park


A lesson on edible plants.

We took a Sunday stroll through natural Bridge Battlefield State Park. This is a small park, a historical monument. There is a hiking trail which runs along the road. You get to see where the St Marks River sinks into the ground. That’s unique.

Our special treat on this day was that we had our good friend Leah with us. She is an expert on edible plants. She has traveled the world and studied cultural sustainability. She pointed out a variety of plants with edible berries and/or leaves.

After showing us one of the edible plants, she mentioned that she doesn’t often eat from that plant because they are very popular around dog urine. Perhaps you could have told me that before trying the plant.

There’s not a lot to this park. But it was wide open, with very few people there. That made for a comfortable relaxing stroll.

If you’re ever near Tallahassee Florida, take a little side trip to natural Bridge Battlefield State Park. Hey, it’s only three bucks to get in.

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