Mixing Trail Running And Rollerblading


Each weekend I have the privilege of running with my daughters. They are still light runners but it won’t be long before I have trouble keeping pace.

Our formula is as such. In other words, this is how we roll.

If the youngest wants to come, we run a short trail. The more bumps and hills, the better. She calls it Par Core running. If the trail is straight and flat, she often slows down to a crawl, or a walk, at least. But on the uphill, curve, bridge, or some other feature, she turns on the gas.

On days in which I need a longer run (at least 3 miles) the older sweeties come with me. But they bring wheels. Usually rollerblades. Sometimes a mountain bike or a scooter. They roll a little faster than me. So they are creative with their progress.

Recently, I decided to scooter with my cutie and it almost destroyed me. I do not use those muscles on a regular basis. That gave me increased respect for the athleticism of that 9 year old.

The following video is from two different runs.

Overall, I am so blessed to spend times in the woods with my favorite people in the world.

How do you exercise as a family? Oh, by the way. My youngest daughter usually ads a little segment of riding on dad’s back. I have to pretend I am carrying a 50 lb backpack for a tenth of a mile or so. Those muscles come standard in dad’s…

Have a blessed adventure.

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