Mixing Trail Running And Rollerblading


Each weekend I have the privilege of running with my daughters. They are still light runners but it won’t be long before I have trouble keeping pace.

Our formula is as such. In other words, this is how we roll.

If the youngest wants to come, we run a short trail. The more bumps and hills, the better. She calls it Par Core running. If the trail is straight and flat, she often slows down to a crawl, or a walk, at least. But on the uphill, curve, bridge, or some other feature, she turns on the gas.

On days in which I need a longer run (at least 3 miles) the older sweeties come with me. But they bring wheels. Usually rollerblades. Sometimes a mountain bike or a scooter. They roll a little faster than me. So they are creative with their progress.

Recently, I decided to scooter with my cutie and it almost destroyed me. I do not use those muscles on a regular basis. That gave me increased respect for the athleticism of that 9 year old.

The following video is from two different runs.

Overall, I am so blessed to spend times in the woods with my favorite people in the world.

How do you exercise as a family? Oh, by the way. My youngest daughter usually ads a little segment of riding on dad’s back. I have to pretend I am carrying a 50 lb backpack for a tenth of a mile or so. Those muscles come standard in dad’s…

Have a blessed adventure.

3 Things I’ve Learned From Running With My 5 Year Old

Dadhood, Wellness

She started preaching to me, “people need to do this so they aren’t just watching TV. “

We have a runner.

This represents not only my 2.5 mile journey yesterday. I was joined by a very enthusiastic 5-year-old. I’m pretty sure she was looking forward to this run more than I was. Which is saying a lot. As soon as she hit the trail, she burst out in her distinct style of maniacal laughter.

More of the family was with me, but I think we all were entertained and enlightened by her approach. This may just be the thing that helps to keep us all healthy. This little 5-year-old thing running through the forest barefoot. She partly encourages us by her enthusiasm and partly shames us for our lack of enthusiasm at times.

This is what my cross country has taught me so far.

1. Revisit my running form.

She runs with her arms down at her side with hands wide open. I’m literally trying her primitive style to see if it has any benefits.

2. Enjoy enjoy.

I am reminded to smile and enjoy the process.

3. Know when I need a piggy back ride.

When she’s out of steam, she slows down or accepts a piggy back ride for a couple minutes. Then… She jumps back into attack mode.

One thing I’m NOT doing. Running barefoot. If I hit an acorn with my heel, I will cry like a little girl.

I’m glad she has discovered it early. I’m glad anyone who enjoys trail running discovers it when they discover it. Are you smiling when you exercise?

A Fitness For Life Mindset

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

How many of us played sports in high school and/or college?

How many of us enjoy sports, but threw out the idea of “being an athlete” after we stopped riding in buses with other sweaty people to play hard for a couple hours?

How old are you now? It doesn’t matter.

Since I started my trail running journey, I have realized that I AM an athlete. Perhaps even more so than I was in 1986. I found that proclaiming that, even speaking it outloud was huge in my development.

As I am on what is called life’s downhill grind, I do not have to throw away the idea that I am still progressing and growing in so many ways. There are many more trails to run for these legs. Now, instead of weight loss and management, I focus on…

Fitness For Life

So, I can now wrestle with weight loss from an athlete’s perspective.

Sadly most of us, for whatever reason, have ended up nuking totally good fitness regimens before they even lace up their sneakers.

Why? Because in a world filled with boxed food, weight loss commercials, and a politically driven diet recommendations, anything without a 3 day payoff goes against the grain of the typical instant gratification mindset. While it would be nice to actually drop inches in just a few days like what those miracle ads proclaim, managing flab and losing weight through physical fitness is a slow and steady process that takes time and commitment.

Setting weight management goals can be a good motivator.

Gradual weight loss, for those people who wish to shed off some extra pounds, is usually the safest.

That is why fitness pros have come up with the idea of lifetime fitness in order to teach people set realistic goals. These lifetime fitness programs generates dietary regimens that cut your normal carb consumption for your weight to 70-80 per day, so will burning the same amount each time you train. I prefer to use that term. Why call it exercise, when you can train? After all, you are an athlete. Right? I think this can encourage healthier weight loss.

Fitness For Life teaches you how to maintain a physically fit body at the same time enjoy and live a normal, active life. It gives you the chance to strike a balance between the two (training and diet), and make training, be it team sports, cycling, or walking, something you will really have fun with.

That is why fitness for life fulfills the idea of making a long-term healthy lifestyle change and is primary in keeping the pounds off once they are gone.

To know more of the benefits that lifetime fitness can bring, here are some facts that you need to know:

  1. Lifetime fitness programs offers you the most comprehensive and wide-ranging fitness and health encounter with quality services, in which the customers will feel gratified.

These fitness programs provide you the right method in maintaining health, build up and encourage your competence, and take care of your family’s physical fitness as well.

  1. Because the goal of lifetime fitness is to provide you with long-term achievements as far as physical fitness is concerned, these programs utilizes numerous fitness equipments that will tone and manage your health and the different parts of your body.

There are fitness equipment that will give your cardiovascular system a lift. You can also opt for some sports facilities that will provide you with an alternative way of being physically fit.

  1. Lifetime fitness programs and centers also provide nutritional products such as food supplements that will aid in the formation of good blood cells and tissues thereby making your body at its pek of health.

Lifetime fitness centers and programs also provide you with up-to-date fitness magazines that do not only give substantial information about fitness and health but inspirational stories as well. These articles will give you an insight on how to make you life balance and how to live a life that is healthy and fit.

Indeed, staying fit and healthy can be a long and winding road and there are instances wherein you may find your enthusiasm fading occasionally. Nevertheless, with the comprehensive programs provided by lifetime fitness plans, you can start heading back to the right track of a healthier you.

Who Makes The Best Fast Food Hamburger?


What is our favorite fast food hamburger?

Did you know that many people can eat big old burgers and not gain weight? Check out my popular article on intermittent fasting here.

LET us help you decide on the best fast food burger. As a matter of fact, we will do you a huge favor and we will give you the ranking from best (number 1) to worst (number 5).

Every family has their favorites as well as their “go to” places to eat.  There are certainly differences of opinion within every castle, but if you get a feel for the likings, you can usually narrow in on an old standard. 

I polled my family on five fast food burger joints. Who has the best burger? 

Look, I’m old enough to have come to a conclusion on this. I don’t have to go out and buy them all, set them out and do a blind taste test. I can taste them in my mind right now. It may be that I will have to take a burger break as I write. I’m making myself hungry. I believe I need to do more research. 

Why am I doing this?

Is this a waste of time? Is this idle talk? I don’t think so. I think it is part of my mission to get people to take their minds off of the heavy things that press on them these days. For example, if you are a person of faith, you have a variety of disturbing news articles about discrimination and even persecution brewing in the land. No matter what belief you have, there is plenty to bring you down. I am here to intentionally lighten up the conversation to bring a smile or two.

As I share the results of our super scientific research based poll, I ask you to weigh in. We will notify the burger joints of our “findings” and, perhaps we can go get ground beef and fries together. 

By the way, we are certifying a “best fries” category as well. 

The results:


1. Whataburger

2. Hardees/Carl’s Jr.

3. Wendy’s

4. McDonalds

5. Burger King (no one in our family enjoys Burger King burgers). 


1. Hardees

2. Wendy’s

3. Whataburger (My personal least favorite. Not into the thin, stringy fries.)

4. McDonalds 

5. Burger King 

OK, so here are a couple “Honorable Mentions” to establishments which are not in the poll. 

Really good fries, but not from a burger joint – Chick-Fil-A

Impressive burgers but mainly a drive thru – Checkers

Well, what do ya think? Our surprise here was the Hardees Fries. They were not the favorite of anyone, but they scored better than any other. Some fries like Wendy’s were at the top for me, but others don’t like the natural cut fries with sea salt, so Hardees was able to sneak up for a win. 

What is your family’s favorite burger?

What about the fries? 


Our favorite Burger Joints in the news:

The first Whataburger was served 70 years ago in South Texas.

Seventy years ago, Texas was blessed with the burger supreme when Whataburger served its first customer in 1950 in Corpus Christi.

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Family Fun In Satellite Beach, Florida


Another relaxing week at a lovely beach side condo in satellite Beach Florida. We could walk just about everywhere we needed to go. anytime we ventured further out stress from people worried about masks was a little daunting. So for the most part we stuck around, we had a great fellowship with some friends from the seat of Abraham fellowship in Merritt Island Florida. if you ever get a chance to visit seat of Abraham, you will love it.

our favorite little ice cream shop is right across the street. complete with live tortoises. But we did discover a new gem. due to the fact that our usual restaurant was closed for the time being. We walked a few more steps to a lovely little burrito hut. And I had to buy their sauce it was amazing. now I put it on everything excluding cereal.

Have you visited Satellite Beach?

A Tale of Two Straws


Paper Or Plastic?

Sometimes we have to think things over in a fresh way. I have done that with the environmental movement in general. Usually when I see their end request being something other than helping the immediate cause, I am skeptical. For instance if somebody wants to save a river or save some trees, why is it that they are working on it from a global warming narrative?

We took a step back in a big way when we stopped using paper straws and we opted for plastic ones that will be with us for many generations. The paper straw dies and goes to paper heaven into 6 weeks. The plastic version stays around and joins the hordes of tiny hollow zombies for many generations.

Why look at a pile of straws and say look this is making the temperature hotter? Why not clean the earth? Is it because most people realize that you can’t get 100% compliance? That you’ll still see these straws everywhere even if it’s against the law to litter?

Why build a secondary argument and seek to get 100% compliance in that way? Why would a litter bug suddenly stop spreading litter because it might make the place warm? Maybe that litter bug is in northern Canada. Maybe they want some warmth.

I wish that people who love the planet would love the planet and spread that message. Stop screaming in people’s face about thermometers. Stop telling them that using plastic straws is going to make Florida go away. Using plastic straws is going to fill the Earth with grubby petroleum based unattractive and harmful to animals sticks. Stop buying them. Boycott plastic straws. Do your part to educate friends and family. If you want to invest in a broader campaign, by starting some sort of nonprofit that seeks a strawless society, then super cool. Go for it.

I’ll probably do a follow-up video about paper and plastic bags. Those plastic bags were supposed to save a whole bunch of trees. Now how often do we see trees with little plastic parachute wannabes stuck on their limbs?

In many cases the environmental movement has turned into, instead of a save the world effort, a “control the world” scheme.

Do good. Don’t take people’s stuff. Be kind to people, animals, and the world. That should work.

Next time you are at a restaurant, skip the straw. Just drink from the cup. We should have graduated sippy cups by now.