The time for talking’s over now

I guess it’s time to let you go-o-o,

but I don’t mind,

No, I don’t mind at all

have you ever heard that song?

Well, I love trail running, and I thought it would be nice to share that on this blog. But I have to break up with stuff that’s using up my time. This should give me more time for actual running. I am enjoying another project that I do with my daughters. It is Paul Bass’ Yay Verily Show on YouTube.

For now, I will keep posting pics on instagram @fltrailrundad. So, if that’s your deal, come join the discussion… and see some beautiful animals and trail shots.

Be blessed, and keep running.

Natural Bridge Battlefield State Park


A lesson on edible plants.

We took a Sunday stroll through natural Bridge Battlefield State Park. This is a small park, a historical monument. There is a hiking trail which runs along the road. You get to see where the St Marks River sinks into the ground. That’s unique.

Our special treat on this day was that we had our good friend Leah with us. She is an expert on edible plants. She has traveled the world and studied cultural sustainability. She pointed out a variety of plants with edible berries and/or leaves.

After showing us one of the edible plants, she mentioned that she doesn’t often eat from that plant because they are very popular around dog urine. Perhaps you could have told me that before trying the plant.

There’s not a lot to this park. But it was wide open, with very few people there. That made for a comfortable relaxing stroll.

If you’re ever near Tallahassee Florida, take a little side trip to natural Bridge Battlefield State Park. Hey, it’s only three bucks to get in.

18 Important Life Lessons I Learned From Running – Most Have Little To Do With Running


I have always been able to run, praise Yah! But I don’t think I ever really enjoyed it until recent years.

Necessary Steps

I always saw it as necessary for whatever sport I was involved with. I need to get to base quickly after that sorry excuse for a hit. I need to get to that ball before that big dude gets there. I need to get past these guys before that one over there tackles me and makes grass another food group.

A couple years ago, I must have run through a portal of some sort. I found myself looking forward (I know how that sounds) to a daily run. 

  • Every shoe was graded on how “runnable” it was, even if it was a work shoe.
  • I actually started reading about running. Why not? Why, actually?

Find Yourself

Man, I saw a bunch of movies in the eighties about going out there and finding one’s self. Vision Quest, Razor’s Edge, Weekend At Bernie’s. I had friends who went on journeys across the country or to the Jiffy Store in search of the real “me.”

Well, I never knew anyone who came back having found their-self. 

I love this version of the Keith Green Song “Run To The End Of The Highway.”

I Found More of God – That’s Where I Found Me

Out there on the trail, with squirrels jumping around, I started to hear from God… And I tell you, it just kept coming, the words of revelation. I really started to face things that I had run from (how ironic) for 30+ years. 

What have I learned from running. And most have little to do with running?

I could go on and on but I would rather be running, so here is a simple list. I can elaborate later, but I just need to get these out here before I chicken out. 

  1. I am gifted with what most call A.D.D.
  2. I grew up in a family that was rocked by substance abuse.
  3. I was drugged and abused one time, as a teenager. Never talked about it.
  4. I can run a half-marathon.
  5. I can run almost daily and still not achieve my ideal weight. It will take more strategy than that.
  6. I made many self-destructive choices while pretending to be in control.
  7. I like running because God wants me to run. 
  8. My Father-God loves me beyond my understanding.
  9. Plantar Faciitis possibly saved my life.
  10. I now know how to eat.
  11. Deer get used to the sound of my voice after a while. 
  12. I don’t ever want to stop running, even though I already know I will slow down. 
  13. I know what causes migraines for me, and how to keep them away, for the most part.
  14. I am 500% more confident.
  15. I am comfortable in my own skin.
  16. I have much more inspiration coming. To be continued.
  17. Trees are good for my mental health.
  18. God has given me keys to unlock doors.


A real enhancer for the running cure, for me, is the addition of trails as the setting. I love nature. I always have. Running outdoors, in the forest, makes outdoors a real thing for me, and not just a screen saver. 

Quid Pro Go

If you make the time to go outdoors. If you treat it as you would a doctor’s appointment, you can gain tremendous benefits from your exercise. The gains can far outweigh the downsides of weather and sweat. 

You might want to consider getting on the trail and stepping it up a little. You might be surprised. I feel like I must give a disclaimer here: results vary, and blah blah, see your doctor before you….

Do you enjoy exercise, to the point that you joyfully embark on each session?

You Are Not A Donut!


Alternate title: Don’t be a D-hole.

Our past experiences do make us stronger, if we are determined to overcome. The journey is all part of the story.

However, we have all had times where we live in our past. We see ourselves as that foolish, and fumblng human being. We beat ourselves up for the wrong turns and the lost battles. As a child of the Redeemer, you are more than a conqueror. You are a new being. You are not that “hole,” you are not that missing peace. You are made “whole.” You are complete. You are made whole in Messiah. Then those broken dreams can become part of the testimony, but not your identity.

Less gory details, more Glory details.

I hope for you today, if you have been beating yourself up, is that you will rest in the fact that you are fully forgiven, and fully restored in the name of Jesus/Yeshua. I pray that you walk in victory, and walk in his provision and inheritance.


Wacissa Springs Canoeing


Do you like to canoe? If so where is the closest location to you?

Wacissa springs is just a few minutes away. Not only is it the closest place to go canoeing, it’s also the closest swimming hole. calls it “one of a vanishing breed of old-time swimming holes.”

This was just a quick Sunday afternoon canoe jaunt. We had fun swinging off the rope swing. Saw some beautiful fish and birds. We often see alligators hanging around. But we did not spot any this time. I think that’s good for the little one.

It’s hard to compete with the Florida beaches, but the Florida Springs are apart of this state that get me excited. I have always loved the crystal clear water. I’m kind of a fan of being able to see what’s in there. Don’t like diving into murky muddy water so much.

If you haven’t been down Alexander Springs run, or juniper Springs run, you need to give it a shot. The Florida Springs are my favorite places to go canoeing. And you get to throw in a hefty dose of snorkeling as well.

And hey, you might end up seeing a manatee or two. That’s always worth throwing the canoe on top of the minivan.

Choctaw Creek Trail Review


But I Tease

I really was impressed by this park. It was great to see families out together getting exercise and getting sun.

I saw walkers and bikers and hikers. There was frisbee golf. There were those exercise things that no one uses. But at least they’re there. there was an actual playground with actual children playing on it.

I’m glad to have stumbled upon this little trail in Central Oklahoma.

Have you been on any trails in Oklahoma? If so let me know which ones are good. Next time I’m here, maybe I can give it a whirl.

Watch Miccosukee Greenway Run


I found this via the all trails app. I had seen the greenway while driving on I-4. Now I know where it’s at and that it’s not too far away. Another fine trail in Tallahassee. describes it like this:

Miccosukee Greenways Trail is a 12.1 mi moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Tallahassee Florida that features beautiful wildflowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on a leash.

Another canopy

I’m getting spoiled by tallahassee’s canopy roads and trails. Getting sun is a wonderful thing but getting sun burnt is not. I can prove that as my nose and head are flaking as I write this. Refer back to the St George Island video for the reason.

So it’s pretty straight and it’s got that nice hard packed clay mixed with tiny tiny rocks. I don’t know what that’s called but it makes for a good jogging path. My regular path in Mississippi had this as well. As you’ll see from the video I get a little bit of it on the floor of my car because the shoes are like magnets for the stuff.

No real wildlife today, maybe a squirrel every now and then but just a nice forest run.

Weekend Is About Family


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Grab these moments while we can.

I like to run in the dirt.

But Saturday and Sunday are my days to run with my sweeties. Of course they are more the rollerblading and hoverboarding type.

So my favorite place to run on the weekends is wherever they run or rollerblade.

Tom Brown Park is our home court. They have a wide paved trail with lots of shady canopy. Sometimes we loop around and go on the sidewalk around the fire station and jump back onto the loop. This weekend we did what I call the east side went to the playground which is an ancient artifact now. And the lake where we saw turtles balancing on Cypress knees. How in the world do they do that? And we got a good handful of wild grapes. And they were good.

Every run with my daughters is precious time to grab a hold of.

One day they will be out of the house, and I will be running the trails by myself. But for now I got my coaches. They move me along we have great conversations while we’re exercising. I love them love them love them. But the other thing is I like them. They’re my favorite people.

Do you love the outdoors with family?

Lafayette Heritage Park, Tallahassee – South Loop


I’m calling this the South Loop because there is a whole bunch more to show of Lafayette to Heritage Park. I can connect to other parks via a great little system of trails here in Tallahassee.

But I just shot this little video of a spider and of the trail to give you a sense of the nature here.

I usually start out with what I’m calling the South Loop. There is a large lake here where a lot of people come to fish. There are some man-made structures if you will which are making it easy for people to come and fish. They call them fishing fingers. I had never heard of such a thing. They’re like docs made out of dirt essentially. I have never fished here but I see people doing that daily.

Most notably I watched a small boy, probably 5 years old, pull out a bass that weighed probably about 5 lb. And this young boy was so thrilled He was just shouting and jumping up and down in joy.

The park is popular, I would say. But not crazy popular. However, during the covid 19 thing, many more people have been coming to Lafayette Heritage Park to get outside.

Our organization had a 14-day stay-at-home policy to flatten the curve. I went to Lafayette Heritage every single day. I just went earlier than I do now. This is my after work wind down activity. I usually run the South Loop and then connect with the path that goes around the lake, and by the time I get back to my car I will have run a little bit over 3 mi. on days that I want to stretch that out I either go twice around the lake, or I connect with the northern Trail.

When I get super inspired I veer off and connect with another park which has a vast amount of trails as well. I can’t remember the name of that park right now. I don’t really go there and see a sign. If I drove there I would likely see the sign that’s at the entrance. But I’m the sneaky trail runner who gets there from the back door.

In the video I show the jet black spider that crawled across the trail as I was running. I had to turn around and shoot video of that little guy. I found him a bit interesting. Slightly larger than most spiders that I see. But smaller than a tarantula. He kind of looks menacing to me. Frankly, I expected him to walk away instead of letting me get that close to him. Remember with a cell phone you just don’t have the ability to zoom in so much. So I was pretty much right on his face there.

Do you have a home court? Where do you go when you need to get outside and get fresh air? Have you been able to exercise outdoors during the Covid scare?

Tom Brown Park Paved Trail – Tallahassee


Shady things in Tallahassee.

At least that’s what they tell me. But we’re talking about the trees. You want some forest you got it here.

Mostly on weekends the girls come with me and we explore the animals and the plants and the occasional wildfruits that we find on the trail in Tallahassee. This one is simple. It’s safe. Unless you fall off your skateboard and skin your knee.

Today we just saw some wild grapes and some interesting mushrooms. We had a good time.

Three Reasons I Love Running


Why Do I Love Running?

Very simply because it has transformed my life.

You know, I could see myself at a seminar asking people to buy my new life-changing pill. But this pill is free. Let me tell you why I love running.

1. Fitness

I know they say that running is not the best way to get in shape. It’s all about the cross-fit these days. Well, here’s basically the deal. The exercise that you actually DO, is the best exercise. I started this thing to get back in shape, but I realized one day that I was looking forward to it. Wow. At least, for me, that’s a wow.

2. Progress

The ground is a conveyor belt and I am the jar of jelly. I am going places when I run… not real fast, but I beat the “me” who is on the couch every time. Sometimes in life, you can feel kind of stuck. Ask just about anyone who takes the time to exercise and they will likely tell you that they have more time to do the other stuff somehow. Each run is a check mark on the calendar, a step in the journey.

3. It Captures Me

I thought that running would give me a sense of freedom above all else. It can be freeing, but in my case it has done the opposite. Most of my life, I have suffered from what many would call A.D.D. What the mocker hoped to use to discourage me, God made it for my benefit (and His). My creative mind tends to wander… A LOT. Not so when I run. It’s like I have grabbed up myself and I won’t let go. I think, I dream, I pray when I run.

Writing is the thing that frees me. I need both.

What captures you?

What frees you? Have you ever seen something as unnecessary or mundane, but fell in love with it later? What is it?