A Peaceful Walk In the Wild


I know my readers might get tired of pictures of things around Lafayette Heritage Park, but I can’t help it.

Today I decided to zone in on a few bees. So much activity around the lake with the wild flowers. I guess that’s pretty normal after so much rain in the past couple weeks. The place was truly buzzing.

Check out this delightful video I made for you.

Visit The Oklahoma City Zoo


I’m a zoo fan. Where else can you get so close to so many animals? So, when we took a trip to Oklahoma City, how could we avoid a trip to the zoo?

Masked People and Critters

People were required to wear masks, but only indoors. And no, there were no masks on the animals. Except for an interesting type of wolf that looked like a raccoon. I mean this guy could be a body double on the next guardian of the galaxies movie.

A Great Walk

My watch let me know that I had wal ked about 7.5 mi on this adventure. So, there was my exercise for the day. This wonderful fact made it easy for me to take a little trip to braum’s afterwards for a little frozen yogurt treat. Braums was like our whipped cream and cherry on top of a wonderful day.

Appointment With Density

The zoo has a policy of appointment only visits. This is part of the whole Covid measures that are being taken in hopes to keep people safe, as well as keep the doors open.

Show Me The Monkey

Here are a few pics of the beautiful creatures we encountered at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

Seagulls in Black and White


St. George Island

Yesterday we went to my new favorite stomping ground. We visited St George Island in North Florida. This was a lovely beach with a lighthouse and the usual public facilities. Small, understated, yet clean and the best part of all free. There’s a storm right now out in the gulf, and I believe that is why we experienced some rain and some high surf.

But there was a lot of good. The rain was gone by the time we got there. We had a little bit of cool time with an overcast sky. Then the sun came out and did it stuff and burned our faces.

But those waves

We had so much fun getting twisted into a pretzel. So much fun getting flipped upside down. This was a workout and the kind that you enjoy.

If you jump into a shop you see like this. Make sure your little ones have a flotation device. The smallest ones we like to keep that life jacket on even when they know how to swim.

No major incidents just a successful day at the beach as a family. And this was one of those take a day off in the middle of the week kind of days.

My oldest daughter does not like birds at all. She was standing in front of me offering me a half-eaten cookie. I asked her if she knew that there was a seagull hovering over her shoulder. The second she saw the gull, she let out a scream and threw her cookie straight up in the air. Well.

That means we had more than one gull for a little while. I tried to explain if you don’t like seagulls you don’t throw cookies up in the air. It’s a rule.

I have to say I like the beaches in North Florida. Especially in this area which they call the forgotten coast. Have you ever been to St George Island?

Do you like hole in the wall beaches or do you like big commercial type operations?

What’s your favorite beach overall?

Lion Country Safari


Herd mobility

I know this is not a trail in which I could even run. But how awesome would that be, just saying. We recently took a trip to West Palm Beach. And we got to see the awesome animals at Lion Country Safari.

Have you ever been there? If you have, you will know that the Lions are sort of double fenced now. There was a time when you drove through the area where the Lions were, but I think too many people got weird and open their windows or maybe hopped out. So now you drive inside especially fenced area with another fence in between you and the animals.

Aside from that feature, you’ll drive right alongside walking wildebeests. As you will see, an ostrich came up and wanted to eat my wife. Not really. I don’t know if someone has been rolling their window down and feeding ostriches lately or if it’s just the park staff that feeds them in this way. But big old ostrich wanted to pack inside our window. I would imagine this could be extremely frightening for some people. My oldest daughter cannot stand birds in general. So for her sake, it’s a good thing that the ostrich found a liking to my wife in the front seat.

I have a special fondness for this place. It is a trail that is driven through, but it is so worth the time. It’s a little expensive in my opinion. But hey, everyone’s got to make a living.

If they ever have a marathon, or half marathon running on the same path wouldn’t you like to give it a try. I would imagine the rhinoceros is probably the biggest danger. Could have some park rangers staking out around the rhinoceros to make sure they don’t go for the runners. I know, I’m only dreaming. But let’s have a look at some of the pictures that we came up with. These are all shot with my Pixel 2. I forgot my Canon M50. I hope you enjoy.

That oughta do it.

Again, I ask, have you ever been to Lion Country Safari? If so, what did you think? Do you have any pictures to share? What was your favorite animal?