A Fitness For Life Mindset

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How many of us played sports in high school and/or college?

How many of us enjoy sports, but threw out the idea of “being an athlete” after we stopped riding in buses with other sweaty people to play hard for a couple hours?

How old are you now? It doesn’t matter.

Since I started my trail running journey, I have realized that I AM an athlete. Perhaps even more so than I was in 1986. I found that proclaiming that, even speaking it outloud was huge in my development.

As I am on what is called life’s downhill grind, I do not have to throw away the idea that I am still progressing and growing in so many ways. There are many more trails to run for these legs. Now, instead of weight loss and management, I focus on…

Fitness For Life

So, I can now wrestle with weight loss from an athlete’s perspective.

Sadly most of us, for whatever reason, have ended up nuking totally good fitness regimens before they even lace up their sneakers.

Why? Because in a world filled with boxed food, weight loss commercials, and a politically driven diet recommendations, anything without a 3 day payoff goes against the grain of the typical instant gratification mindset. While it would be nice to actually drop inches in just a few days like what those miracle ads proclaim, managing flab and losing weight through physical fitness is a slow and steady process that takes time and commitment.

Setting weight management goals can be a good motivator.

Gradual weight loss, for those people who wish to shed off some extra pounds, is usually the safest.

That is why fitness pros have come up with the idea of lifetime fitness in order to teach people set realistic goals. These lifetime fitness programs generates dietary regimens that cut your normal carb consumption for your weight to 70-80 per day, so will burning the same amount each time you train. I prefer to use that term. Why call it exercise, when you can train? After all, you are an athlete. Right? I think this can encourage healthier weight loss.

Fitness For Life teaches you how to maintain a physically fit body at the same time enjoy and live a normal, active life. It gives you the chance to strike a balance between the two (training and diet), and make training, be it team sports, cycling, or walking, something you will really have fun with.

That is why fitness for life fulfills the idea of making a long-term healthy lifestyle change and is primary in keeping the pounds off once they are gone.

To know more of the benefits that lifetime fitness can bring, here are some facts that you need to know:

  1. Lifetime fitness programs offers you the most comprehensive and wide-ranging fitness and health encounter with quality services, in which the customers will feel gratified.

These fitness programs provide you the right method in maintaining health, build up and encourage your competence, and take care of your family’s physical fitness as well.

  1. Because the goal of lifetime fitness is to provide you with long-term achievements as far as physical fitness is concerned, these programs utilizes numerous fitness equipments that will tone and manage your health and the different parts of your body.

There are fitness equipment that will give your cardiovascular system a lift. You can also opt for some sports facilities that will provide you with an alternative way of being physically fit.

  1. Lifetime fitness programs and centers also provide nutritional products such as food supplements that will aid in the formation of good blood cells and tissues thereby making your body at its pek of health.

Lifetime fitness centers and programs also provide you with up-to-date fitness magazines that do not only give substantial information about fitness and health but inspirational stories as well. These articles will give you an insight on how to make you life balance and how to live a life that is healthy and fit.

Indeed, staying fit and healthy can be a long and winding road and there are instances wherein you may find your enthusiasm fading occasionally. Nevertheless, with the comprehensive programs provided by lifetime fitness plans, you can start heading back to the right track of a healthier you.

My 21 Days Of Intermittent Fasting


I just wrapped up my personal experiment of intermittent fasting for 21 days. I can report that I was faithful to the end.

How do I feel? Really good.

Do I miss having that early breakfast? Not anymore.

What were three main benefits that I experienced from intermittent fasting?

Number one: I lost weight. I weighed around 185 going in. And this morning I jumped up on the scale with fear and trembling. 175. A 10 lb weight loss in 3 weeks. I would prefer 20 lb of weight loss but when you compare it to not losing any weight, or gaining weight. Well, you see where I’m going with that. I’m happy with the results.

Number two: I feel good. Like James Brown, I’m thinking I’m going to do one of those little Twistee ankle slidy kind of dances. I know, I’ve got you picturing it. But I’m not doing it for video unless I have the wig. So if you can find me Good James Brown wig I’m going for it.

Number three: My stomach is not as flabby. Yeah even though I run on a regular basis, my fifty-three-year-old self has been over the legal weight limit for my hobby. Not that there is a legal weight limit, but if there was, I’m sure I would screeched over it.

But yesterday, just yesterday, on day 21, I realized my stretchy jeans we’re feeling a little bit on the loose side. So, I gave it a try and I tighten my belt loop one sweet notch.

Lake Dallas Holmes once said, “Hey I’m a Believer now.” I think he was talking about something else, However, I am a believer in the intermittent fast.

As a matter of fact, I am at the point now where I would recommend the intermittent fast. Being that I am not a licensed Healthcare professional, or dietitian, I guess I would not suggest that you do this thing unless you have spoken with your personal doctor of Chiropractic but if I were such a professional, I would give you a recommendation of such.

I do want to say that you might be interested in reading up on the intermittent fast.

What did I do for my 21 days?

That’s a good question. I’m glad I asked. I simply tapped into a 16-hour fast everyday. So if I was done eating by 6:30 p.m. my next meal would come at around 10:30 or so in the morning. Most days I did not get finished with dinner until around 7 or 7:30. And lately I have been running after work. I also pick up our daughter from dance class so, sometimes we don’t get home until after 7:30. That’s where the fun came in. It takes a little bit of planning for this scheme.

Any good system has a plan.

As a matter of fact the scriptures say that the people perish without a plan. So I made sure that I had some gluten free bread and peanut butter and jelly in the office. And that is a treat for me. No offense to any casserole makers in the bass household. But PB&J is one item which I believe, would be my items to bring on the island for Survivor, the (yes, it’s still on the air) TV show.

So what now?

Where do we go from here, not that all of the children are grown. (Ours aren’t) Games people play, diets people do? Right now, I am going to continue intermittent fasting. Why would I not? When I feel this good and I believe I have cracked my metabolism code.

Soon, I might go back to a Keto lifestyle, because I do enjoy the convenience of being able to pick up a slab of meat and enjoy the savory niceness. But, for now I shall intermittent-ize my fasting.

One note about the term diet.

Many people, diet gurus, like to say that diets are a bad thing. And that we need a lifestyle instead. I disagree with that. Because we all are on a diet. No matter what kind of Count Chocula or Pop-Tarts you have throughout the day and as a midnight snack. You are on a diet.

The question – is will you be on a healthy diet? Which is, yes a lifestyle. When we speak of the lion in the zoo, the zookeeper with the little Britney Spears microphone speaks out the items in the Lion’s “diet.” Sometimes they may even mention what their diet consists of in the wild. So what is your diet? We are all on a diet? Is yours healthy? How do you feel? Do you have a plan?

Have you ever tried intermittent fasting? And if so what version of the fast have you implemented? Leave your comments and suggestions in the comment area below.

Be blessed and keep smiling.