A Tale of Two Straws


Paper Or Plastic?

Sometimes we have to think things over in a fresh way. I have done that with the environmental movement in general. Usually when I see their end request being something other than helping the immediate cause, I am skeptical. For instance if somebody wants to save a river or save some trees, why is it that they are working on it from a global warming narrative?

We took a step back in a big way when we stopped using paper straws and we opted for plastic ones that will be with us for many generations. The paper straw dies and goes to paper heaven into 6 weeks. The plastic version stays around and joins the hordes of tiny hollow zombies for many generations.

Why look at a pile of straws and say look this is making the temperature hotter? Why not clean the earth? Is it because most people realize that you can’t get 100% compliance? That you’ll still see these straws everywhere even if it’s against the law to litter?

Why build a secondary argument and seek to get 100% compliance in that way? Why would a litter bug suddenly stop spreading litter because it might make the place warm? Maybe that litter bug is in northern Canada. Maybe they want some warmth.

I wish that people who love the planet would love the planet and spread that message. Stop screaming in people’s face about thermometers. Stop telling them that using plastic straws is going to make Florida go away. Using plastic straws is going to fill the Earth with grubby petroleum based unattractive and harmful to animals sticks. Stop buying them. Boycott plastic straws. Do your part to educate friends and family. If you want to invest in a broader campaign, by starting some sort of nonprofit that seeks a strawless society, then super cool. Go for it.

I’ll probably do a follow-up video about paper and plastic bags. Those plastic bags were supposed to save a whole bunch of trees. Now how often do we see trees with little plastic parachute wannabes stuck on their limbs?

In many cases the environmental movement has turned into, instead of a save the world effort, a “control the world” scheme.

Do good. Don’t take people’s stuff. Be kind to people, animals, and the world. That should work.

Next time you are at a restaurant, skip the straw. Just drink from the cup. We should have graduated sippy cups by now.