Mixing Trail Running And Rollerblading


Each weekend I have the privilege of running with my daughters. They are still light runners but it won’t be long before I have trouble keeping pace.

Our formula is as such. In other words, this is how we roll.

If the youngest wants to come, we run a short trail. The more bumps and hills, the better. She calls it Par Core running. If the trail is straight and flat, she often slows down to a crawl, or a walk, at least. But on the uphill, curve, bridge, or some other feature, she turns on the gas.

On days in which I need a longer run (at least 3 miles) the older sweeties come with me. But they bring wheels. Usually rollerblades. Sometimes a mountain bike or a scooter. They roll a little faster than me. So they are creative with their progress.

Recently, I decided to scooter with my cutie and it almost destroyed me. I do not use those muscles on a regular basis. That gave me increased respect for the athleticism of that 9 year old.

The following video is from two different runs.

Overall, I am so blessed to spend times in the woods with my favorite people in the world.

How do you exercise as a family? Oh, by the way. My youngest daughter usually ads a little segment of riding on dad’s back. I have to pretend I am carrying a 50 lb backpack for a tenth of a mile or so. Those muscles come standard in dad’s…

Have a blessed adventure.

Watch Miccosukee Greenway Run


I found this via the all trails app. I had seen the greenway while driving on I-4. Now I know where it’s at and that it’s not too far away. Another fine trail in Tallahassee.

Alltrails.com describes it like this:

Miccosukee Greenways Trail is a 12.1 mi moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Tallahassee Florida that features beautiful wildflowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on a leash.


Another canopy

I’m getting spoiled by tallahassee’s canopy roads and trails. Getting sun is a wonderful thing but getting sun burnt is not. I can prove that as my nose and head are flaking as I write this. Refer back to the St George Island video for the reason.

So it’s pretty straight and it’s got that nice hard packed clay mixed with tiny tiny rocks. I don’t know what that’s called but it makes for a good jogging path. My regular path in Mississippi had this as well. As you’ll see from the video I get a little bit of it on the floor of my car because the shoes are like magnets for the stuff.

No real wildlife today, maybe a squirrel every now and then but just a nice forest run.

Weekend Is About Family


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Grab these moments while we can.

I like to run in the dirt.

But Saturday and Sunday are my days to run with my sweeties. Of course they are more the rollerblading and hoverboarding type.

So my favorite place to run on the weekends is wherever they run or rollerblade.

Tom Brown Park is our home court. They have a wide paved trail with lots of shady canopy. Sometimes we loop around and go on the sidewalk around the fire station and jump back onto the loop. This weekend we did what I call the east side went to the playground which is an ancient artifact now. And the lake where we saw turtles balancing on Cypress knees. How in the world do they do that? And we got a good handful of wild grapes. And they were good.

Every run with my daughters is precious time to grab a hold of.

One day they will be out of the house, and I will be running the trails by myself. But for now I got my coaches. They move me along we have great conversations while we’re exercising. I love them love them love them. But the other thing is I like them. They’re my favorite people.

Do you love the outdoors with family?